Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Share your Minecraft Creations with CraftMaster and Sketchfab

You just spent weeks creating an amazing structure in Minecraft. And, you want to share it with your friends and family, right? Of course, you could always take a screen shot and text it to your friends. Or, you could capture a video and post it on YouTube. Either of these options would allow your friends to experience your creation – but, at best, the perspective provided by these media is limited.

Wouldn’t it be sweet if you could make a copy of your Minecraft creation and post it online, in its full 3 dimensional glory, allowing others to experience it from all angles, up close and far away – even using VR technology?

Well, it’s possible now thanks to CraftMaster and Sketchfab.

Sketchfab is the world’s leading 3D community site with over a half a million contributors and more than a million models uploaded. In essence, Sketchfab is for 3D models what YouTube is for videos - you can check them out at www.sketchfab.com. And, while you’re there, be sure to do a search for “Minecraft” – you’ll quickly discover they already host a wide array of Minecraft content.

CraftMaster makes it easy for you to share your Minecraft creations on the Sketchfab site. And, using Sketchfab’s embeddable 3D viewer, you can also share your Minecraft content on a wide array of popular social media sites - including Facebook and Twitter. So, for example, let's say you’re a teacher and you want to share with the class parents what your kids built using Minecraft. What better way than posting their work using Sketchfab’s 3D viewer on your class's Facebook page!

And, best of all, Sketchfab’s Basic plan – which includes unlimited uploads of up to 50MB per model – is completely free!

Here’s a quick illustration of how it works: My son, who’s a huge soccer fan, spent weeks building an amazingly detailed soccer stadium in Minecraft. Here you can see the stadium in a Minecraft screen shot.

Using Craftmaster, I copied the stadium out of Minecraft and uploaded it to my Sketchfab account. Once on Sketchfab, anyone can view the stadium on my Sketchfab page, or I can embed it into any web page - even this blog:

Sketchfab also lets me post the stadium to my Facebook feed with a single click – check it out here:

Hopefully you’re starting to get a feel for the power of sharing Minecraft content using CraftMaster and Sketchfab. If you want to learn more about how to share your Minecraft models on Sketchfab, check out our video tutorial at https://youtu.be/KtrCHiTnGhI.

Have fun building and, when you're done, always remember to share your creations on Sketchfab!

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