Monday, January 23, 2017

Check out our YouTube channel...

CraftMaster is chocked full of capabilities and we encourage you to explore the product to discover all of its richness and power. Still, the quickest way to get started with CraftMaster is to follow along with our guided video tutorials on our YouTube channel at There you'll find tutorials that will show you how to:

  • Download 3D models, convert them into a Minecraft Structures and place them in your Worlds.
  • Share your Minecraft creations on your Facebook page using Sketchfab.
  • Navigate your Worlds more efficiently using CraftMaster Maps.
  • Import 2D images into your Minecraft Worlds.
We'll be adding more tutorials over time, and we also have videos of some of the cool demo worlds we've created using CraftMaster. So please visit and subscribe to our YouTube channel to get the most out of CraftMaster!!

Team CraftMaster

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